Flatfish competition


Flatfish competition
New challenges for the 10th edition of the Flatfish Symposium. Organized by a team of Master Students of Ifremer & Agrocampus Ouest. The photos shown on this page are part of the flatfish competition. The photos of the flatfish games can be found here.

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Organisers Flatfish competition

The assignment

Take pictures:

1. with a bird, 2. on a canon, 3. with a boat, 4. with a Flatfish, 5. with a Bretan hat, 6. doing a Bretan dance, 7. doing a pyramid, 8. feet in water, 9. with a Breton flag, 10. small space, 11. with a pirate, 12. high door, 13. colourful, 14. at tourist office, 15. sand castle, 16. lift heavy, 17. one face, 40 arms, 18. most people

The photos shown in the series below, are made by the participants of IFS 2017. 

IFS photo competition

Photo serie 1

  WITH A BIRD                

Photo serie 2

  ON A CANON                

Photo serie 3

  WITH A BOAT                

Photo serie 4

  WITH A FLATFISH                

Photo serie 5

  WITH A BRETAN HAT                

Photo serie 6

  DOING A BRETAN DANCE                

Photo serie 7

  DOING A PYRAMID                

Photo serie 8

  FEET IN WATER                

Photo serie 9

  WITH A BRETAN FLAG                

Photo serie 10

  SMALL SPACE                

Photo serie 11

  WITH A PIRATE                

Photo serie 12

  HIGH DOOR                

Photo serie 13


Photo serie 14

  AT TOURIST OFFICE                

Photo serie 15

  SAND CASTLE                

Photo serie 16

  LIFT HEAVY                

Photo serie 17

  ONE FACE, 40 ARMS                

Photo serie 18

  MOST PEOPLE                

The winning team

Yes, we did