Ewan Hunter

Ewan Hunter is currently the chair of Science Development at Cefas, Lowestoft, where he oversees Cefas’ graduate programme and Science Excellence agenda. He has an honorary readership at the School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, where he leads the ‘Life in the Seas’ Theme in the Collaborative Centre for Sustainable Use of the Seas. Ewan’s research has specialised in the behavioural ecology and spatial dynamics of commercially exploited and vulnerable marine fish and shellfish. He has progressed novel techniques for measuring population characteristics and connectivity, with notable successes in the application of archival tags in the estimation of fish location and the determination of seasonal distributions, and in linking the results of archival tagging programmes to additional natural markers, notably the chemistry of otoliths (fish ‘ear-stones’). The applied focus of his Cefas research has allowed him to consider the complex relationships between fish behaviour, environmental change and fishing, and the implications for the sustainable exploitation of fish stocks into the future. A guiding role in Cefas’ otolith lab has led to increased involvement in capturing Cefas internationally important data archive, and applying these historical data to current, policy relevant questions, for example, decadal responses of fish populations to changing climate. Ewan has published widely, with over 40 scientific papers and articles for national newspapers, and has appeared on television, including the BBC’s “Coast”.


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