Objectives and Themes

Following the previous meetings, the 10th International Flatfish Symposium, entitled 'Ten International Flatfish Symposia and 30+ Years of Advanced Research: Flatfish Ecology in 2017' will:
- Present emerging research on the biology and ecology of flatfish species across the globe
- Quantify linkages between flatfishes, atmospheric, oceanographic, and other abiotic and biotic components of the ecosystem
- Explore management tools for assessing and improving the sustainability of flatfish populations and related human activities (fisheries and aquaculture)
The 10th International Flatfish Symposium will include topics in all areas of research concerning flatfish ecology. Contributions are welcome on: 
- Ecology (spatio-temporal connectivity along the life cycle, essential flatfish habitats, and understanding short to long term changes),
- Interspecies comparisons and interactions (flatfish versus flatfish; flatfish versus other species),
- Experimental ecology and evolution (observations in the field, common garden, caging etc.), biotechnology, and other research technologies, including aquaculture and other applications,
- Anthropogenic pressures (multi-stress; e.g., global change, eutrophication and pollution) in addition to (or excluding) fisheries, and
- From local- to global-scale issues in research and ecosystem-based management.


In addition, proposals out of the suggested theme sessions, or using multidiciplinaire approaches, wil be examined.

The symposium is open to all interested participants. Those who wish to attend the symposium without making a presentation are welcome. Students are encouraged to participate.



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