Steering Committee
The Steering Committee consists of a few members. The committee is a self-renewing body and at each symposium, the Steering Committee meets and selects its members for the following three years. One of the members is the chairperson. There is no central fund for the Steering Committee, therefore all costs related to the functioning of the committee are met by the members themselves. The main tasks of the Steering Committee are [1] the selection of the host and location of the next symposium at each flatfish symposium, and [2] the selection of the general topic of the next symposium, the scientific programme, publication of the proceedings, ensuring that the costs of participating in the symposium are not excessive and other aspects of interest during a meeting with the local organising committee two years prior to the next symposium. The Steering Committee can be contacted via 'Send a message'.
Photo on the right: At the 8th Flatfish Symposium the Steering Committee consisted of (from left to right): Satochi Katyama, Henk W. van der Veer, Janet T. Duffy-Anderson, Josianne G. St√łttrup (chair), Elisabeth Fairchild, Yoh Yamashita, Adriaan D. Rijnsdorp, Oliver Le Pape, Richard D.M. Nash.


Local Organizing Committee
The local Organising Committee is responsible for the organisation of the flatfish symposium. In addition to the scientific component, this committee is responsible for the complete programme, and all financial affairs concerned with the symposium. Each symposium is organised as a single event. The local Organising Committee is also responsible for any budget windfalls or deficits. The members of the local Organising Committee are selected by the host of the symposium. In principle at least one of the members of the Steering Committee also participates in the local Organising Committee.
Photo on the right: At the 9th Flatfish Symposium the Orgnaizing Committee consisted of (from left to right): Lauri Sadorus (IPHC), Lara Erikson (IPHC), Tracee Geernaert (IPHC), Janet Duffy-Anderson (AFSC), Tim Loher (IPHC), Debbie Blood (AFSC), Dan Cooper (AFSC) Not pictured: Tom Hurst (AFSC), Tamara Briggie (IPHC) Tom Wilderbuer (AFSC)

10th Organizing Committee